Whether your on vacation or home sleeping, we provide a 24 hours / 7 days a week emergency line where your tenants can call and report emergencies or routine maintenance.

No more 2AM calls, let us handle them!

Step #3 – The Screening/Seeing The Apartment

Before we go to view the properties you are interested in we will need to conduct a credit check, background check, income verification, and prior rental history review depending on the landlord/apartment you are interested in.

  • I will work with you to ensure your needs and the needs of the landlord are both met.
  • The landlord will ultimately review application package I put together for you and inform me whether or not they will accept you as tenant(s).
  • Occasionally landlords will require you to obtain a co-signer if your credit history is not satisfactory or you do not have sufficient income.
  •  I work with clients of all credit histories from excellent credit to poor credit. Each landlord is different and I will help you present the best picture of your rental history possible.

Step #2 – The Application

The most important part of the finding an apartment process is the completion of the rental application. Many landlords will not allow the apartment to be shown without a complete application.

Our office receives many applications daily and require a completed application so we can best help you get into your next apartment.

Our application can be completed online from a computer or a cellphone by clicking here.

Once the application is complete someone from our office will contact you to see apartments based on your price range and choice of location.